Project Percussion Volunteers Needed

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A message from band parent Mike Dalton:

To all Band Program Parents:
As we get to the end of the Band Year, the different band units have an opportunity to perform individually to showcase their talents.  As you are all aware, the symphonic and concert bands get to perform on Thursday, May 15.    
The next night, May 16, the PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE gets to perform during their annual Project Percussion. 
Several schools are coming to perform and we have clinicians coming to help educate percussion students.  We need several parents to come and help out with selling pizza, running the fastest hands machine and to just make sure the event runs smoothly.  The event starts at 3:00 and ends around 7:30.
Please contact Mike Dalton at if you are interested in helping out to make this a successful event.
Thanks and Good Drumming,
Mike Dalton

Scholarship Application Reminder

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Just a reminder that the scholarship application for seniors is due no later than 11pm on May 7. Let us know if you have questions!

Scholarship Application

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Attention Seniors!

We are happy to report that our scholarship application may be completed online this year. Please be advised that you will need to complete the essay section in a separate document and upload it in the appropriate place on the application. You may wish to read the application and complete your essay before filling out the rest of the form.

Here’s a link. Good luck!

Scholarship Application

Schedule Change – 11/1

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Greetings from the Band Office,

With the rain coming tonight, I have decided that the Band WILL NOT be traveling to Monacan for the football game.  Please catch up on some homework, record some playing tests, rest, and enjoy some family time.

For those participating in the UVA Band Day tomorrow, if you were unable to bring your uniform and/or instrument home after school today, I will be here at school from 6:00 until 6:30 TONIGHT to let students get what they need.  I will leave promptly at 6:30, so please be prompt.


Gordon S. Rawls

Weekly Schedule – Week of 10/21

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Greetings from the Band Office!

This is the LAST week of rehearsals for this year’s TMB and the last three performances of this field show EVER.  It’s been a great show for us, and I’m excited to see how strongly we can finish this week.  Please note that the kids asked to add the full rehearsal on Wednesday and the Powhatan competition on Saturday, and I have obliged.  Also note two things about Friday night.  First, this is another week in which the visiting band is in question.  We’ll work around this the best that we can as we did last week.  Secondly, since this is our final home game, this is our traditional “Senior Night.”  We will hold a dinner for the seniors and their families before the game and honor them at the conclusion of our show during half-time.

Finally, just a reminder that even though we will not perform the show again, we WILL attend the away football game at Monacan High School on November 1.

Thanks for all the hard work this season.  Very soon, it will be time to move on to other things, but I have really enjoyed this TMB season.


Printable Schedule

Weekly Schedule, 10/21 – 10/26


Mon 10/21 2:00-3:35 – Percussion
Tue 10/22 2:20-4:35 – Full TMB
Wed 10/23 2:20-3:35 – Full TMB
Thu 10/24 2:20-4:35 – Full TMB


Fri 10/25 Home Football v. Huguenot HS (Senior Night)

5:00 Senior Dinner for Seniors and their FAMILIES
6:15 All Others Arrive/Change
6:45 Warm Up
7:00 March into the Stadium
7:10 Huguenot Band Performs?
7:30 Kickoff
Halftime: TMB Performs Full La Nouba Field Show
AND Honors Seniors/Parents
9:45? Game Over (Please have rides ready!)

Sat 10/26 State Marching Performance Assessment @ Massaponax High School in Fredericksburg

7:30a Call Time
8:00 Marching Run-Through @ Stadium
9:00 Depart for Massaponax High School
12:30p Perform
1:45 Depart for Powhatan High School
6:30 Perform
10:00 Awards
11:30? Return to Midlo/Clean Up/Go Home!

Weekly Schedule – Week of 10/14

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Sorry I’m late getting this one out.  I’ve been unable to get a response from GWHS as to whether their band will be coming and performing.  They usually come, so I’m going to go on the assumption at this time that they will be here.  That means that we will perform our show AFTER the game.

Printable Schedule

Weekly Schedule, 10/14 – 10/19


Tue 10/15 2:20-4:35 – Full TMB
Wed 10/16 2:20-3:35 – Percussion Sectional
Thu 10/17 2:20-4:35 – Full TMB


Mon 10/14 CCPS County Band Night @ TDHS

4:30 Arrive/Change into Uniform/Load Truck
5:00 Depart for Thomas Dale High School
6:15 Middle Schools Perform National Anthem
6:30 First Band Performs
9:45? Approximate Return to Midlo

Fri 10/18 Homecoming v. George Wythe HS

5:30 Arrive/Change into Uniform
6:15 Homecoming Parade (Around the Track)
7:10 Watch George Wythe Band Perform?
7:30 Kickoff
Halftime: TMB Homecoming Court Presentation
Post-Game: Perform “La Nouba”
10:00? Game Over (Please have rides ready!)

Sat 10/19 Midlothian Parade

(on rt. 60 from Firestone to Food Lion)
7:30 Arrive/Change into Uniform
7:50 Load Buses/Depart for Parade
9:00 Parade Steps Off
End time will depend on how punctual the step off is and how efficiently the units in front of us move through the parade route. We are #15 in the line-up. Please plan on picking kids up by around 10:00 or so.

Middle School Band Night — STILL ON!!!

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Ok sports fans, here are the revised plans for tonight with the nasty weather…

Normally, on a day like this, we would all show up at the appointed hour and make a game-time decision about our ability to perform based on the weather.  Since we have 60 seventh and eighth graders coming tonight who need to know an actual plan, I have to make a call early enough for their parents to revise their plans.

4:30 – Middle Schoolers, Section Leaders, and other invited student instructors meet to teach and rehearse music

6:00 – Hot dog dinner in the Open Commons courtesy of the Band Boosters (all middle schoolers and TMB members will attend)

6:45 – Informal full group performance of “Stands Tunes” followed by “Stand-Still” Performance of show music by TMB (Open Commons).  Parents are welcome to attend.

We will end the planned activities at 7:15.  At that time, I will look at the weather and decide whether the TMB will perform at the game as an informal “pep band” (ununiformed).  If the weather allows us to perform at the game, middle schoolers are welcome to stay with us and perform in the stands or go home with their parents.  Students may bring cell phones to call rides.

Sorry that we are in this position, but this is a part of dealing with an outdoor activity.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Gordon S. Rawls

County Band Night POSTPONED

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Because of expected rain and severe weather conditions, Chesterfield County Band Night has been POSTPONED to next Monday, October 14. The rest of this week’s schedule will remain the same, and we will use the original schedule from tonight for county band night next week. Enjoy some rest!

Weekly Schedule – Week of 10/7

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Greetings from the Band Office.

Here is the schedule for the week starting with County Band Night at Thomas Dale HS on Monday October 7.  Please note that the weather is not looking favorable for outside events Monday night.  The Directors will make a decision by Noon on Monday as to whether to cancel the event.  If we do cancel, we will reschedule for the exact same schedule the following Monday (10/14).

Please note also that the kids have asked to add more competitions to our schedule.  Since there are no more weekends this year that we could have scheduled performances, I offered to take them to Blue Stone for their competition the same day as Hanover.  This makes for a long day, but the kids get to perform, and they get the chance to enjoy each other’s company.  Students should consider bringing homework and other wholesome activities to keep themselves busy because there is a long bus ride in store for them.  If all goes well with October 12th, we will most likely add the Powhatan competition to October 26th.

Printable Schedule

Weekly Schedule, 10/7 – 10/12


Tue 10/8 2:20-4:35 – Full TMB
Wed 10/9 2:20-3:35 – Flute/Clarinet/Percussion Sectional
Thu 10/10 2:20-4:35 – Full TMB


Mon 10/7 CCPS County Band Night @ TDHS*

4:30 Arrive/Change into Uniform/Load Truck
5:00 Depart for Thomas Dale High School
6:15 Middle Schools Perform National Anthem
6:30 First Band Performs
9:45? Approximate Return to Midlo

Fri 10/11 Home Football v. Bird HS (Middle School Band Night!)

4:30 Section Leaders Teach Middle Schoolers
6:00p Arrive/Change into Uniform
6:35 Marching Run-Through (Band Practice Field)
7:10 March Into the Stadium
7:20 TMB Performs National Anthem
7:30 Kickoff
Halftime: TMB Performs
9:45? Game Over (Please have rides ready!)

Sat 10/12 Comps. @ Hanover and Blue Stone HS’s

8:15a Arrive/Change into Uniform
8:45 Depart for Hanover HS
11:15 Perform
1:00p Depart for Blue Stone HS
5:30 Perform
11:00 Arrive at Midlo/Unload/Go Home
(It’s been a long day. Please have rides ready!)

*If County Band Night gets cancelled due to rain, it will be rescheduled for 10/14.

Weekly Schedule – Week of 9/30

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Greetings from the Band Office!

Sorry this week’s schedule is a little late.  I had a hold up with some of the scheduling for the Showcase.  I’m working on next week’s now so that I can get it out in a more timely manner.

Please note that this week’s football game is AWAY at Manchester High School, and we will perform the show BEFORE the game AND perform the National Anthem at the conclusion of our show.

Please note that all parents are requested to sign up with Mike Dalton to help with the Showcase of Bands this Saturday.  Students have signed up for specific jobs that require specific time commitments, so we can’t give a general call time to everyone, but all TMB members are to report to the Band Room at 7:30pm to meet, dress, and prepare to perform.

Please note that THIS MONDAY is the Chesterfield County Marching Band Exhibition Night.  The performance will be held at Thomas Dale High School this year.  Admission is free and open to the public.  All ten CCPS high school Bands will perform their shows in a non-competitive exhibition.  The National Anthem is at 6:15.  The first Band starts at 6:30.  There are no performance times.  We just run back to back until all Bands have performed.  We are third in the line-up this year, so we will probably perform somewhere between 6:50 and 7:00.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Mr. Rawls

Printable Schedule

Weekly Schedule, 9/30 – 10/7


Mon 9/30 2:00-3:35 – Percussion
Tue 10/1 2:20-4:35 – Full TMB
Wed 10/2 Percussion as Scheduled
Wed 10/2 Trumpet Sectional Cancelled
Thu 10/3 2:20-4:35 – Full TMB


Fri 10/4 Away Football @ Manchester HS

5:15p – Arrive/Change into Uniform
5:45 – Depart for Manchester High School
7:10 – Perform Pre-Game/National Anthem
7:30 – Kickoff
Halftime: Manchester HS Marching Band Performs
9:45? Game Over
10:30? Return to Midlo (Please have rides ready!)

Sat 10/5 Showcase of Bands at Midlo

Students/Parents have various duty times throughout the day. The schedule below reflects the times that TMB members must drop whatever they are doing and prepare to perform:
7:30 – Report to the Band Room
8:25 – Winds and Drum Line Warm Up
9:20 – Performance
10:30 –  Change/Clean Up/Go Home!

Mon 10/7 CCPS County Band Night @ TDHS

4:30 – Arrive/Change into Uniform/Load Truck
5:00 – Depart for Thomas Dale High School
6:15 – Middle Schools Perform National Anthem
6:30 – First Band Performs
9:45? –  Approximate Return to Midlo