2018 Band Booster Scholarship

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Are you a senior in band, color guard or the dance team? Are you interested in the opportunity to earn a $500 scholarship to use for college? The Midlothian Band Boosters is accepting Applications for the Annual Scholarship! Seniors interested in applying must submit the Scholarship Application along with a response to ONE of the essays required by the Scholarship Committee. Seniors and their families will be notified of all the eligibility requirements soon.

Support Our Students in Great American Marching Band

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Greetings from the Band Office,

I’d like to share a link with you.  I told you within the last couple weeks that we had two talented students who will represent us in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as they participate in the Great American Marching Band.  Now Paul and Rachel need our support to make the trip more affordable.  They have started a site to raise money for this endeavor.  If you are able to contribute, please go to and take it from there.

Schedule Going Forward

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Greetings from the Band Office!

With the end of the Marching Band Season upon us this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to remind you of the schedule for the upcoming Winter Concert Season. (See below…) This is all information that was on the course syllabus that you signed in September, and the most up-to-date information can always be found at

Remember that these rehearsals and concerts are required as a part of the grade for the course, and students are only granted excused absences for reasons that would be considered excused from school. Missing rehearsals or concerts for work, club meetings, and sports practices are NOT excused. For students who are trying out for winter sports, your job is to talk to the coach IMMEDIATELY, inform that coach that you will be the most dedicated player that he or she has on the team, BUT you have these following CLASS REQUIREMENTS that you will have to attend. This is YOUR responsibility, and most adults respond favorably when you are up front about conflicts. If you have a game or other unusually important school engagement, please come and talk to me as soon as you know of the conflict, and we will see what we can work out on a case by case basis.

We’ll also be starting Percussion Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble meetings next week, but since those are not requirements of the course, I’ll talk to the involved students outside of this communication.

I love the way the concert music is already starting to come together, and I’m really excited to move on and work on what I know is going to be a great concert.


Gordon S. Rawls

​Concert Band Rehearsal – November 6 2:10-3:40
Concert Band Rehearsal – November 11 2:10-3:40
Concert Band Rehearsal – November 18 2:10-3:40
Trojan Band Rehearsal – December 2 2:10-3:40 (includes Concert Band​ AND Symphonic Band​)
Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal – December 10
Music Department Winter Concert – December 11 7:30pm $7.00 per person admission
All-District Band Auditions – December 13 Morning James River HS (Required for Honors Students​ and Symphonic Band​)
All-County Band – January 8-9 AT MIDLO! (selected students) (Need Help from students and parents to sell concessions and host the directors.)

Weekly Schedule – Week of 10/27

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Greetings from the Band Office,

This is the last week of Marching Band for the 2014 season. It’s hard to believe. This season has been a lot of fun and a lot of success for the TMB, and I know we’ll finish strong this weekend. Please note that we will have our first and only “twofer” weekend with performances at the VBODA State Marching Band Performance Assessment AND at the Mills Godwin HS Marching Band Competition. The Assessment is a little different than our other judged performances. We’ll perform just like usual, but we will be performing only for ratings instead of trophies. We will receive a rating of I, II, III, IV, or V as an overall Band score just like the Stage Assessment in March, and we will NOT be ranked in comparison to the other Bands. The Mills Godwin show will be like any other competition.

This Friday is Senior Night because it is our last football game of the season. At the conclusion of the show at half time, we will call our seniors forward, and their parents will meet them on the field so that we may recognize them for their service.

Just a reminder: It will be cold Saturday. Please be sure students bring layers of warm clothes. Dress MORE warmly than you normally would because we’ll be outside sitting on metal bleachers for a long time.

Printable Schedule


Mon 10/27 2:15-3:35 – Percussion Sectional
Tue 10/28 2:15-4:00 – Full TMB
Thu 10/24 2:15-4:00 – Full TMB


Fri 10/25 Home Football v. Monacan HS (Senior Night)

5:00                 Senior Dinner for Seniors and their FAMILIES
6:15                 All Others Arrive/Change
6:45                 Warm Up
7:00                 March into the Stadium
7:20                 TMB Performs National Anthem
7:30                 Kickoff
Halftime:        TMB Performs Full “El Ritmo” Field Show  AND Honors Seniors/Parents
9:45?               Game Over (Please have rides ready!)

Sat 10/26 State Marching Band Assessment @ Hermitage High School

9:15a               Call Time/Change
9:45                 Warm Up
10:15               Marching Run-Through @ Stadium
11:15               Depart for Hermitage High School
1:15p               Perform
5:30                 Depart for Mills Godwin High School
7:15                 Perform
8:45                 Awards
10:00?             Return to Midlo/Clean Up/Go Home!

Weekly Schedule – Week of 10/20

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Greetings from the Band Office!

I had hoped to have a final schedule from Powhatan before sending this out to you, but I think that if it changes at all, it shouldn’t be much, and I know you need to know our schedule for planning purposes, so here it is as it currently stands.

This should be a fun weekend. So far, the weather looks pretty good, and we only have obligations on Saturday night. Our class at Powhatan (Class 4 in the Black Division) consists of us and seven other Bands, so this ought to be our stiffest competition yet. Let’s be sure we have a big crowd out there to cheer for the Trojan Marching Band!

Looking ahead to next week (11/1), I’m still waiting for a schedule from Mills Godwin, but it looks like our call time will probably be about 9:15 AM.

Only four more performances of El Ritmo de la Vida remain. We’re going to push hard for these last four rehearsals to make sure we can get everything out of the show that we can.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Printable Schedule


Mon 10/20 2:15-3:35 – Percussion Sectional
Tue 10/21 2:15-4:00 – Full TMB
Wed 10/22 2:15-3:35 – Percussion/Woodwinds Sectionals
Thu 10/23 2:15-4:00 – Full TMB


Sat 10/25 Competition @ Powhatan High School

2:45p               Call Time/Get Dressed
3:15                 Music Warm Up
3:45                 Marching Rehearsal – Marching Band Stadium/Load Truck
4:45                 Depart for Powhatan High School
6:30                 Perform
10:00               Awards
11:15?             Return to Midlo/Clean Up/Go Home!

Weekly Schedule – Week of 10/13

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Greetings from the Band Office!

Here’s this week’s rehearsal and performance schedule for the Trojan Marching Band. Please notice that the ending times for the Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals has changed to 4:00. This will be the new ending time through the rest of the season because I believe we have reached the point in our development at which a longer rehearsal will be counterproductive. Please rearrange rides accordingly.

For your planning purposes, we will NOT offer a picnic time this week for families to get together because the homecoming parade changes our schedule. Remember that if you are coming to see the Homecoming Parade, you will need to buy a ticket to the game UNLESS you are attending as a part of the Band Support Group including Pit Crew, Uniform Moms, and 50/50 Raffle Sales. We WILL plan on having one more picnic on October 31 before our last football game of the season.

Printable Schedule


Mon 10/13 2:15-3:35 – Percussion Sectional
Tue 10/14 2:15-4:00 – Full TMB
Wed 10/15 2:20-3:35 – Percussion and Brass Sectionals
Thu 10/16 2:15-4:00 – Full TMB


Fri 10/17 – Homecoming v. George Wythe HS

5:15                 Arrive/Change into Uniform
6:15                 Homecoming Parade (Around the Track)
7:10                 Watch George Wythe Band Perform?
7:30                 Kickoff
Halftime:        TMB Homecoming Court Presentation
9:45?               Game Over (Please have rides ready!)

Sat 10/18 – Midlothian Parade (on rt. 60 from Firestone to Food Lion)

7:30         Arrive/Change into Uniform
7:50         Load Buses/Depart for Parade
9:00         Parade Steps Off

End time will depend on how punctual the step off is and how efficiently the units in front of us move through the parade route.  We are the 15th unit in the parade.  Please plan on picking kids up by around 10:00 or so.

Weekly Schedule – Week of 10/6

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Greetings from the Band Office,

Remember that we have one more performance to finish off our busiest weekend of the year. (That’s right… Monday is part of the weekend this week. 🙂 ) Tomorrow night is County Band Night at Thomas Dale High School. All ten county high school Marching Bands will perform our shows in close succession. There are NO scheduled performance times. We just run from one Band to the next. We are fourth in the line-up. The event is free and open to the public but remember that Bands agree to host this event so that they can use it as a fund raiser, so bring money and support them.

So after the busiest weekend of the year for us, we follow it up with a more relaxed weekend. The football team is playing away this Friday, so we will have Friday off. Spend some family time and get some homework done.

Here’s the schedule:

Printable Version


Tue 10/7 2:15-4:35 – Full TMB
Wed 10/8 2:15-3:35 – Woodwinds/Percussion Sectional
Thu 10/9 2:15-4:35 – Full TMB


Mon 10/6 CCPS County Band Night @ TDHS

4:30 – Arrive/Change into Uniform/Load Truck
5:00 – Depart for Thomas Dale High School
6:30 – Shows Start with Middle School National Anthem
9:45? – Approximate Return to Midlo

If County Band Night gets cancelled due to rain, it will be rescheduled for 10/13.

Sat 10/11 Competition @ Blue Stone HS

1:00 – Music Rehearsal at Stadium
1:30 – Load Truck/Marching Rehearsal
3:00 – Depart for Blue Stone HS
7:00 – Perform
11:45 – Arrive at Midlo/Unload/Go Home

Note that we won’t be able to eat until about 7:30, so students ought to bring something to snack on before we get there.

Students will be instructed to call rides when we leave Blue Stone AND when we are about 30 minutes out. Please be sure rides are waiting when we arrive.

Also remember that the right side of the bus loop is for the buses and the equipment truck ONLY. Please park only on the left or in the student parking lot.

Weekly Schedule – Week of 9/29

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Greetings from the Band Office!

Parents, I hope you got a chance to see our kids perform on Friday and Saturday this weekend. They were outstanding. I couldn’t be more proud of them! This is going to be a very busy week and weekend. I’m attaching the schedule, but I’d like to walk you through a couple things.


Please note that Middle School Band Night is coming up this Friday, and we have over fifty seventh and eighth graders coming. This is a big event (our biggest recruiting event of the year), and I’m going to need a little help. I have a parent who is willing to pick up pizzas for me if no one else is able to, but I need some parents who can help set up, clean up, serve pizza, ice down waters, hand out t-shirts, and just provide a little extra supervision during the meal time when I need to be seeing to the high school kids. If you’re able to help out, please let me know by email.

The new Picnic Tradition is still available to anyone who wants to get together anytime between 5:30 and 6:30. Feel free to bring picnic blankets, frisbees, corn hole, footballs, etc.

At halftime, we’re going to try something we’ve never done before. Manchester’s Band, the middle schoolers, and our Band will combine almost 200 kids on the field to perform at the end of our show. This will be VERY cool, and you DO NOT want to miss it. Don’t forget that parents who help out with pit equipment, 50/50 Raffle, uniforms, and chaperons get into the game for free!

Showcase of Bands

Saturday, we will host our eighth annual Showcase of Bands, a Marching Band competition similar to the one we attended this past weekend only slightly smaller and without the mariachi band.

We need EVERY parent to help us run this event. It is our second biggest fund raiser of the year, and every dime of profit goes directly to support your kid’s Band Program. If you haven’t signed up for a job on Signup Genius, contact to see how you can participate. We have 14 Bands coming, and we need YOU to give them all a great experience so they’ll want to keep coming back.

County Band Night

Monday night, we will join the other nine Chesterfield County high school Marching Bands to perform our show in a non-competitive environment. We run through the Bands very quickly, and it’s our one opportunity to see all ten Bands in succession. Since we run them back to back, there is NO set performance time, but the Trojan Marching Band will perform fourth on the program. Plan on being there to catch all the groups. Admission is free, but the Thomas Dale High School Band will be selling concessions, so please plan on eating there and supporting them.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Here is the detailed schedule:

Printable Schedule


Mon 9/29 – 2:00-3:35 – Percussion
Tue 9/30 – 2:15-4:35 – Full TMB
Wed 10/1 – Brass Sectional/Percussion 2:00-3:35
Thu 10/2 – 2:15-4:35 – Full TMB


Fri 10/3 Football v. Manchester HS -“Middle School Band Night”

4:30 – Leaders Arrive and Run MSBN
6:00 – Pizza Dinner for Leaders and Middle Schoolers
6:00 – TMB Arrive/Change into Uniform
6:30 – Massed Band Run-Through with Manchester
7:10 – Manchester Performs Their Show & National Anthem
7:30 – Kickoff
Halftime: “El Ritmo de la Vida” and Massed Band
9:45? – Game Over (Please have rides ready!)

Sat 10/4 Showcase of Bands at Midlo

Students/Parents have various duty times throughout the day. The schedule below reflects the times that TMB members must drop whatever they are doing and prepare to perform:

7:30 – Report to the Band Room
8:50 – Warm Up
9:35 – Performance
10:40 – Change/Clean Up/Go Home!

Mon 10/6 CCPS County Band Night @ TDHS

4:30 – Arrive/Change into Uniform/Load Truck
5:00 – Depart for Thomas Dale High School
6:30 – Shows Start with Middle School National Anthem
9:45? – Approximate Return to Midlo

Eighth Annual Showcase of Bands

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Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014
5 p.m.
Midlothian High School
401 Charter Colony Parkway, Midlothian
Admission: $7

12 Bands
Midlothian Trojan Marching Band will perform in exhibition
Concessions available

For more information, please view the Showcase of Bands page!

Showcase of Bands 2014 – Press Release

Weekly Schedule – Week of 9/22

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Printable Version


  • Mon 9/23 2:00-3:35 – Percussion
  • Tue 9/24 2:15-4:35 – Full TMB
  • Wed 9/25 – ½ Day – No Hornline Sectional (Percussion?)
  • Thu 9/26 2:15-4:35 – Full TMB


Fri 9/26 AWAY Football @ James River HS

  • 5:00                     Call Time/Change into Uniforms
  • 5:30                     Marching Run-Through/Load Truck
  • 6:00                      Depart for James River HS
  • 7:00                     March Into the Stadium
  • 7:10                     TMB Perform “El Ritmo de la Vida” (PREGAME)
  • 7:30                     Kickoff
  • Halftime:             Watch JRHS Band Perform
  • ~9:45?                 Game Over (Please have rides ready!)
  • ~10:30?               Return to Midlo/Clean Up/Go Home

(Students are dismissed as soon as they have shown their section leader that their uniform is hung up correctly.)  PLEASE HAVE RIDES WAITING WHEN WE RETURN!!!

Sat 9/28 Competition @ Hermitage HS

  • 2:45                     Arrive/Change into Uniform
  • 3:15                     Winds and Drum Line Warm Up @ Stadium
  • 3:30                     Marching Run-Through @ Stadium
  • 4:45                     Depart for Hermitage
  • 6:55                     Perform
  • 10:15                   Awards Ceremony
  • ~11:00?               Return to Midlo