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Greetings from the Band Office!

With the end of the Marching Band Season upon us this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to remind you of the schedule for the upcoming Winter Concert Season. (See below…) This is all information that was on the course syllabus that you signed in September, and the most up-to-date information can always be found at

Remember that these rehearsals and concerts are required as a part of the grade for the course, and students are only granted excused absences for reasons that would be considered excused from school. Missing rehearsals or concerts for work, club meetings, and sports practices are NOT excused. For students who are trying out for winter sports, your job is to talk to the coach IMMEDIATELY, inform that coach that you will be the most dedicated player that he or she has on the team, BUT you have these following CLASS REQUIREMENTS that you will have to attend. This is YOUR responsibility, and most adults respond favorably when you are up front about conflicts. If you have a game or other unusually important school engagement, please come and talk to me as soon as you know of the conflict, and we will see what we can work out on a case by case basis.

We’ll also be starting Percussion Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble meetings next week, but since those are not requirements of the course, I’ll talk to the involved students outside of this communication.

I love the way the concert music is already starting to come together, and I’m really excited to move on and work on what I know is going to be a great concert.


Gordon S. Rawls

​Concert Band Rehearsal – November 6 2:10-3:40
Concert Band Rehearsal – November 11 2:10-3:40
Concert Band Rehearsal – November 18 2:10-3:40
Trojan Band Rehearsal – December 2 2:10-3:40 (includes Concert Band​ AND Symphonic Band​)
Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal – December 10
Music Department Winter Concert – December 11 7:30pm $7.00 per person admission
All-District Band Auditions – December 13 Morning James River HS (Required for Honors Students​ and Symphonic Band​)
All-County Band – January 8-9 AT MIDLO! (selected students) (Need Help from students and parents to sell concessions and host the directors.)

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