Middle School Band Night — STILL ON!!!

Oct 11, 2013 by

Ok sports fans, here are the revised plans for tonight with the nasty weather…

Normally, on a day like this, we would all show up at the appointed hour and make a game-time decision about our ability to perform based on the weather.  Since we have 60 seventh and eighth graders coming tonight who need to know an actual plan, I have to make a call early enough for their parents to revise their plans.

4:30 – Middle Schoolers, Section Leaders, and other invited student instructors meet to teach and rehearse music

6:00 – Hot dog dinner in the Open Commons courtesy of the Band Boosters (all middle schoolers and TMB members will attend)

6:45 – Informal full group performance of “Stands Tunes” followed by “Stand-Still” Performance of show music by TMB (Open Commons).  Parents are welcome to attend.

We will end the planned activities at 7:15.  At that time, I will look at the weather and decide whether the TMB will perform at the game as an informal “pep band” (ununiformed).  If the weather allows us to perform at the game, middle schoolers are welcome to stay with us and perform in the stands or go home with their parents.  Students may bring cell phones to call rides.

Sorry that we are in this position, but this is a part of dealing with an outdoor activity.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Gordon S. Rawls

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