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Oct 27, 2012 by

Greetings from the Band Office!

Thank you all for your flexibility and assistance at tonight’s final home football game!  I wish that the schedule and the weather had allowed for a more extensive recognition of our seniors and their parents, but I’m glad we were able to still do something to honor them in a small way.

You’ve probably heard by now that our Performance Assessment tomorrow at Warhill HS has been moved inside.  We will perform at a standstill in the gym similar to how we performed on the track tonight at halftime.  Since the announcement has been made, this will be the case regardless of the actual weather conditions tomorrow.  There are positives and negatives about the situation, but the bottom line is that this is how our show will be assessed, so our job is to put away the distractions of weather and the venue and perform the best that we can.

Updated Schedule:

12:30 – Call Time (This is a change!)

12:30 – Load the Truck

1:30 – Depart for Warhill

4:15 – Warm Up

5:00 – Perform (Warm Up/Performance Times may be behind due to the change in venue AND they may change slightly to accommodate bands from the VA Beach area that are under orders to return home before 5:00 because of the weather threat.  Ill send any updates to the schedule the moment I receive them.)

8:00 – Return to Midlo (This is basically a complete guess.  It will depend on the actual performance time.)

Useful Information:

  • Please either eat lunch before you arrive tomorrow or bring a lunch to eat on the bus (or both)
  • Concessions will still be available, and because of the timing of our performance I think we will need to stay long enough to eat after we perform, so either bring money for concessions or bring something to eat for supper (or both).
  • The performances are still open to the public.  Unfortunately, they will still charge the same $7 for adults and $4 for seniors and students and free for children 6 and under even though you will probably not stay to see much more than our one performance.
  • FYI: The Visual Judges will give comments only with no score.  The General Effect Judges will become Music Judges.  That means that we’ll have 5 Music Judges.  That means that in order for us to receive a Superior Rating, we must convince a minimum of three of the five judges that we performed a Superior show.

Regardless of what this situation means for our final rating tomorrow, I have really enjoyed working with our young people this year.  I’m extremely proud of our kids and the show we’ve been able to put together.  This will be one that I’ll remember with great fondness for a long time.  Thanks for a great season and good luck tomorrow!


Gordon S. Rawls

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