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Greetings from the Band Office!

Here is the final Marching Band Rehearsal/Performance Schedule of the year.  This will be the LAST TIME that we will perform the Bedtime show!  On Friday, we will perform at half-time in addition to honoring our seniors for Senior Night.  On Saturday, we will perform at our VBODA State Marching Band Performance Assessment at Warhill High School in Williamsburg.  This event is similar to the Concert Band Performance Assessment that we do in March (formerly Band Festival) in that we will not be competing against other Bands.  We will only be competing against a standard to receive a rating of 1 (Superior), 2 (Excellent), 3 (Good), 4 (Fair), or 5 (Poor).  This performance is the best indication we get as to our level of development, and theoretically it should be our best performance of the year.  That way, we can use the feedback to continue to develop next year.

I just wanted to say again that I have truly enjoyed working with both the students and the parents this year.  I’ve enjoyed the show, and I’ve enjoyed the responses from the performers, the parents, and the audiences.  We must always remember that there are two things we do in our art that are at the center of everything else.  We train performers to entertain an audience, and we build strong, confident young people who can take the lessons they learn here and apply them outside the realm of what we do here.  I think we have successfully done both this year.


Weekly Schedule, 10/22 – 10/27

Mon 10/22 2:00-3:30 – Percussion
Tue 10/23 2:20-4:30 – Full TMB
Wed 10/24 2:20-3:30 – Clarinets/Flutes Sectional
Wed 10/24 2:20-3:30 – Extra Help*
(*students whose Section Leaders feel they need it)
Thu 10/25 2:20-4:30 – Full TMB


Fri 10/26 Home Football v. Clover Hill HS
(Senior Night)
5:00 Senior Dinner for Seniors and their FAMILIES
6:15 All Others Arriver/Change
6:45 Warm Up
7:00 March into the Stadium
7:10 Clover Hill Marching Band Performs
7:30 Kickoff
Halftime: TMB Performs Full Bedtime Field Show
AND Honors Seniors/Parents
9:45? Game Over (Please have rides ready!)

Sat 10/27 State Marching Performance Assessment
@ Warhill High School in Williamsburg
11:30 Full Run Through @ Stadium
12:30 Load Truck/Buses
1:30 Leave Midlo for Warhill via Motor Coach
4:15 Warm Up
5:00 Perform
6:15 Announcement of Ratings
8:00? Return to Midlo/Clean Up/Go Home!

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